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The Working List: Pro Female Musicians of the Pacific Northwest

Posted by on September 15, 2017
Seattle artist Grace Love at KEXP Grand Opening 2017. Photo by MM.

Seattle artist Grace Love at KEXP Grand Opening 2017. Photo by MM.

While researching for a recent KEXP radio show I was doing on “Top Female Musicians of the Pacific Northwest,” I discovered that there was no definitive list of pro females from our area.

Made from over 500 requests from KEXP listeners and contributions from heavyweights in the Seattle music community, here’s my current list of PNW Female Musicians and Bands with Women at Their Center.

This is a working list. Have a suggestion? Please comment below. Bonus points for artists with diverse backgrounds or genres.

Thank you for your contributions. Here’s to #womeninmusic! DJ Michele


Female Musicians of the PNW – Alphabetical Working List
*This list of pro-level musicians is mostly made up of current working females (or bands with central females), with a few historical bands from the PNW.
*Definition of Pacific Northwest from the “region of North America lying north of the Columbia River and west of the Rockies.”
*Bands who I have personal knowledge of, and recommend as pros marked with “*”.
Abbey Blackwell
Acapulco Lips*
Adena Atkins
Adra Boo*
Aeon Corvidae
Alex Guy
Alicia Hannah
Allison Shirk
Amanda Hardy
Amy Denio*
Amy Stozenbach*
Amy Tung Barrysmith
Anastasia Workmen
Ann Wilson
Anna Mariko Seymour
Annabella Kirby
Anomie Belle
Ariah Christine
Bad Saint
Barbara Dollarhide
Barbara Lamb
Barbara Trentalange
Beth Ditto*
Beth Fleenor
Bikini Kill (Historical)
Black Orchid
Bon Von Wheelie
Bonnie Guitar
Bonnie Hammond
Briana Marela*
Brandi Carlisle*
Bratmobile (Historical)
Brooke Haze
Carla Torgerson
Carlene Heitman
Carol Kaye (Historical)
Caroline Eikenberry
Carrie Akre*
Carrie Brownstein*
Chastity Belt*
Chava Mirel
Christa Wells*
Christina Rhoades
Christine Roskam
Christy McWilson
Claudia Groom
Corin Tucker*
Courtney Andrews
Crystal Beth Boom
Dahlia (Historical)
Dale Balenseifen
Dark Moon
Dawn Clement
Dawn Smithson
Dead Moon
Debora Iyall
Deep Sea Diver*
Dejha Colantuono
Deseo Carmen
Dagna Silesia
Edna Vazquez*
Emily Marsh
Emily McVicker
Emily Westman*
Emma Jensen
Emma Lee Toyoda*
Erika Carlene Lundahl
Erin Rae Murray
Ernestine Anderson (Historical)
Esperanza Spalding* 
Experience Gospel Choir*
Faith Stankevich*
Falon Sierra
Felicia Loud*
Fiia McGann
Filthy Friends*
Frazey Ford*
French Walker
Fruit Juice
Gifted Gab
Grace Hansmeier
Grace Love*
Great Grandpa
Gretta Harley*
Hammerbox (Historical)
Havania Whaal
Heather Duby (Historical)
Heather Thomas
Helen Halloran
Helms Alee
Hollis Wong-Wear
Holy Grove
Intisaar Jubran
J.R. Rhodes
Jamie Aaron Aux
Jamie Nova
Jamie Wyatt*
Jazmarae Beebe
Jen Ayers*
Jen Ghetto
Jen Wood*
Jenny Hill
Jesse Sykes*
Jessica Dobson
Jessica Lurie*
Jessica Lynne
Judy Collins (Historical)
Julia Massey*
Kat Carlisle
Kat Eggleston
Kate Olson
Kathy Moore*
Katie Gray
Katie Kate*
Katrina Anderson
Katrina Kope*
Kelli Schaefer
Kelly Canary
Kelly Fleek*
Kim Warnick*
Kim Virant*
Kirsten Ballweg
Kristen Barry (Historical)
Kristen Pfaff (Historical)
La Fonda
La Luz*
Laura Vanderpool
Laurie Miller*
Lauren Murphie
LaVon M Hardison
Lady A*
Lenny Rennalls
Leslie Hardy
Lisa King
Lisa Orth (Historical)
Lisa Wright
Loretta Lynn*
Madaline Williams
Mai Li Pittard
Mia Katherine Boyle
Mia Zapata (Historical)
Makala Wengelewski-Romero
Mara Dralle
Margaret W Burke
Margo Lauritzen
Marina Albero
Marina Christopher
Marquetta Miller
Mary Lambert*
Merrilee Rush
Meagin Donovan
Melissa Montenello
Mia Zapata (Historical)
Michelle D’Amour
Mischa Kiane
Mommy Long Legs
Mongé Whitney
Morra Cogley
Mother of Pearl
Moon Duo
Ms. Led (Historical)
My Killer Heart
Nah Bee
Nancy Wilson
Naomi Seigal 
Naomi Wachira
Natalie Kinsaul
The Need
Neko Case*
Natasha Kmeto*
Olivia De la Cruz
Om Johari
Paris Alexa
Pat Wright*
Peg Wood
Pink Martini*
Prom Queen*
Queen Shmooqua
Rabia Shaheen Qazi
Rachel Flotard*
Rachelle Debelle
Rebecca Young
Rhonda Pelikan (Historical)
Roisin Dunne Ross
Rose Windows (Historical)
Rosie Thomas
Ruby Dunphy
Sabrina Littleton
Sadie Ava*
Sally Johnson
Salt Lick
Santa Cecilia
Sarah Christine
Scarlet Parke
Sea Stars*
Seline Vigil-Wilk
Sera Cahoone*
Seven Year Bitch (7 Year Bitch) (Historical)
Sharon Van Etten*
Shawn Adams
Shelby Earle*
Sheryl Wiser*
Sky Cries Mary
Stacy Jones
Stacey Meyer
Star Anna*
Stefanie Sargent
Stephanie Wicker-Emory
Storm Large*
Summer Cannibals
Swamp Mama Johnson (Historical)
Tai Shan
Taylar White
Taryn Rene Dorsey
Team Dresch (Historical)
Tekla Jasmine Waterfield
The Blacktones
The Debaucherantes
The Fleetwoods
The Gits (Historical)
The Gods Themselves
The Spider Ferns*
The Trucks
TheeSatisfaction (Historical)
Tiffany Wilson*
Toody Cole
Tracey Shug
Tracy Ferarra*
Tres Leches
Vanessa Veselka
Viva Voce*
Vivian Williams
Wendy Rule
Whitney Lyman*
Whitney Monge
Wild Flag*
Wynne C Blue
Xolie Morra*
Y la Bamba*
Year of the Cobra
Zola Jesus*


Tune in to DJ Michele Myers Friday nights at 9pm on KEXP Seattle. A live DJ for select events, she’s performed at Seattle Space Needle New Year’s Eve and Bumbershoot. Michele’s produced over 200 radio episodes for KEXP Documentaries. Her book “50 Tips for Artists in the Music Business” has gotten rave reviews from readers. Find Michele’s other writing at The Smithsonian InstituteExperience Music ProjectThe University of Washington and NPR

19 Responses to The Working List: Pro Female Musicians of the Pacific Northwest

  1. Alexi Angelino

    There are three amazing female artists that I am very surprised are not already on this list. Diverse genres and unique collaborations.
    Katrina kope frontwoman for Purr Gato. In addition to this band she also is a member of the band Levels of Movement. In addition, Katrina also performs in Bowie Vision! Graduate from Cornish. Teaches music to Seattle youth…and much more.
    Tai Shan is a brilliant song writer and singer. She produces positive music and works hard in the music community giving of her talent and time. Tai Shan is a musician, song writer at The Bushwick Book Club, Seattle, turning books into songs. She has performed with The Seattle Rock Orchestra. Graduate from Cornish and teaches music, Seattle youth girls.
    Rani: Champagne Honeybee. Rani performs a vast genre of music playing her ukuleles , including soulful original and cover songs. Award: King 5 Best of Western Washington 2014 – #4 Best Local Band

  2. Erik Flatten

    You should add Breaks and Swells. Marquetta Miller fronts the soul band. She identifies as black and sings wonderfully

  3. Kathy Moore

    Oh and Marina Christopher bass

  4. Connie Wible

    Katrina Kope should be on your list. She’s been in the jazz, funk, Electronica alternative scene since 2001, gigging as Katrina Kope Trio, lead singer of these groups: Soul Kata, Purr Gato: (her original project), Klozd Sirkut, Levels of Movement, backup singer with Bowievision.

  5. Jeppa Hall

    include Queen Shmooquan (performance artist/musician/songwriter/comedian)!

  6. Lindsay

    Don’t forget about The Debaucherauntes!

  7. Susan Renville

    I have a few suggestions for your list:

    Jessica Lynne

    Krystle Pyette of Limberlost

    Sherrie Johnson (Voxxy)
    Devil on a Leash:
    Janis Lives:


  8. Jacqueline ryall

    Mindie Lind
    Mazser (Katie Blackstock)
    Mackenzie Mercer/Young Evils

  9. Shana

    Vivian Williams, Annabella Kirby, Barbara Lamb.

  10. Jaws

    Don’t forget Andrea Vidal of Holy Grove from Portland!

  11. Bert Russel

    Charity From The Head And The Heart. Mariagh from Lonely Mountain Lovers. Both Jen and Faustine from Planes on Paper. Rebecca and Joy from Lenore. Katie from Mazser. Kim From Smokey Brights. (All working)

  12. Wynne C Blue

    Oh hey I’ve been doing this since 2005, verifiable:

  13. Saunder

    Xolie Morra (cogley) has a new album coming up. Yay!

  14. Megan Smith

    Wanted to add to this list of amazing, beautiful, and extremely talented females that are killin it in the seattle music scene right now! — all worth seeing live and checking out their music

    Emma Lee Toyoda –
    La Fonda (Veronica & Valerie Topacio) –
    Bad Saint/Tess Fredel –
    Scarlet Parke –

  15. malfa

    Salt Lick
    Emma Lee Toyoda
    Havania Whaal
    Great Grandpa
    Mommy Long Legs

  16. Gary Horn

    This list is AWESOME!! I’m also a big fan of Lauren Murphie (of Lauren Murphie & The Sodo 4) for a few years now, please add her to the list!! I covered a show recently that they were part of ( but you should check out her/their music at (“777” is their latest album). Sooooo good…

  17. Patrice Poutre

    Whitney Monge!

  18. Patrice Poutre

    And Anomie Belle

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