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An Acoustic Take: The Song “Winter Solstice”

Posted by on December 21, 2012


Canadian indie rockers The Tea Party are not known for their tender acoustic ballads.

Their mix of Middle Eastern instruments, Celtic sounds and Zeppelin-esque rock is usually more hard hitting. Their lyrics often reference the spiritual and the occult.

This song has no words, yet there’s something deep in the way it’s played.

I was in a cafe in Alaska years ago when I first heard it. Who’d have thought it would be the Tea Party’s gentle tribute to the darkest day of the year.  From the band’s bestselling album Splendor Solis it’s “Winter Solstice.”


The Tea Party started out in 1990 in Windsor, Ontario. The media named their style “Moroccan roll.” The 1993 debut record Splendor Solis sold over a million copies in Canada. The other albums that followed never got as big but they hit #1 in Canada with “Heaven’s Coming Down” in 1999.

The Tea Party officially broke up in 2005. They got together last year for short reunion tour of Canadian cities.  To find out more on the band and to pick up this gorgeous song visit

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