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Best New Artist: Grimes

Posted by on November 28, 2012

Elven songstress Grimes’ new record Visions is on many top ten lists this year.

Claire Boucher’s soft, airy voice  and echoing melodies are very strong over suspended club beats and hazy keyboards. From the record, here’s “Genesis.”


Montreal artist Claire Boucher started out writing songs on Garageband in her bedroom. She created her musical alter-ego Grimes in the city’s DIY cultural scene in 2006.

This album Visions is her fourth record since her debut in 2010 and her first on big label 4AD. The song “Oblivion” shows her mastery of otherworldly electronic pop.


Grimes recently cancelled her European tour due to medical reasons. Find the album and the latest updates here.

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2 Responses to Best New Artist: Grimes

  1. Jeremy Shatan

    I have to say that I’ve tried with Grimes but I’m just not convinced. Also, if she qualifies as a “new artist” four albums in, I humbly submit Father John Misty as Best New Artist – who cares that he had a whole career as J. Tillman? Another band that released their debut album in 2012 (after as series of EP’s) is Breton – fantastic, edgy stuff. Pretty much everything you need to know is here: Happy listening – cheers!

  2. djmichelemyers

    Hi Jeremy, Thanks for commenting!
    “New” is a relative term, but for the blog I define a new artist as anyone who’s put out their debut full-length within the past 2 years.
    Yes, she’s put out 4 albums, but the first one was in 2010. One could argue that no artist is “new” since most have been alive 20+ years before producing…
    Most singers with Grimes’ voice would sound too elf-like and little-girly for my tastes, but she’s an exception (as are Santigold and Lykke Li). Her music (not the whole albums, but a few stunning songs songs) take me somewhere new.
    Music is always a personal call. After all these years in the industry the only way I know if something’s good is if I like it or am curious about it. That’s where the passion comes from. Apparently for you too.
    I agree that Father John Misty is a very fine new artist. He’s too country to be my personal cup of tea. I like Breton too, but am more usually into music that centers on strong, soulful vocals.
    Happy listening to you too! Thanks for the musical debate. Love it.

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