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Songs for Starting Over: John Lennon, Macklemore and Aretha Franklin

A couple of years ago I left my day job behind and started a music business. The world I knew drastically changed. I moved in with my longtime boyfriend and his small daughter. For the first time in my life I have a family that feels right. My indie business is thriving. I keep a … Continue reading »

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Glen Miller and The Andrew Sisters: Songs for My Grandpa

Grandma and Gramps met in the 1940s at a friend’s party. They both loved to dance. Her nickname was “Snake Hips” and everyone called him Fritz. He went off in World War II and came back a changed man. My gramps was not transformed the way many men were by the war. He came back … Continue reading »

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Non-Drinking, Vegetarian Freak: A Musical Essay on Being Different

“Be a leader, don’t follow. Do things so others follow you.  Never hold back. Be an individual, something somebody will never forget.” – Betty Carter I’ve been a vegetarian for more than two decades now. For the record I have no problem with people who eat meat. We all have our ways. Being a vegetarian … Continue reading »

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Memories of Aretha Franklin: Soul Legend

When I was growing up, things were pretty chaotic at my house. The times when I couldn’t find something outside to do I’d hide in my room or the basement, reading books and listening to music. I was only 10-years-old when I found my first Aretha Franklin record in the garage. The song was “Natural … Continue reading »

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