Electronic Crush – LCD Soundsystem and The Latest from James Murphy

LCD Soundsystem’s last show in NYC. Photo by Brandon Saltz.

Musical mastermind James Murphy has been busy since the 2011 breakup of  LCD Soundsystem. These days he’s DJing at clubs and festivals and has just finished a documentary he filmed of the end of the band called “Shut Up and Play the Hits”.

Here’s a preview and a buzz clip of “Dance Yrself Clean” from the new documentary.

To get “Dance Yrself Clean” (the original version’s best) click here.

Since parting with LCD, James Murphy has designed a new studio for himself, a store and a coffee blend. He works as a producer in the studio with other bands and is making music himself “just for fun”.

Early this year he collaborated with Damon Albarn in the supergroup Gorillaz on a track called “Do Ya Thing” that also featured Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Warning: this video is gritty and a bit disturbing. Not appropriate for kids or workplaces.

LCD Soundsystem stared out in 2002 with the single “Losing My Edge”. Merging computer beats with live pop instrumentation — vocals, keys, percussion, bass and drums.  On their first self-titled record released in 2005, the best songs were “Daft Punk is Playing at My House”, “Too Much Love” and “Tribulations”.

Click here to download”Daft Punk…” MP3.

For “Tribulations” click here.

Download “Too Much Love” (great dance song) here.

45:33 is a long track that Nike commissioned James Murphy to create in 2006 On it he waxes Funkadelic with a George Clinton-warped voice straight off of Cosmic Slop. Stream it here free for your next workout session.

The release of Sound of Silver in 2007 saw Murphy putting his experimentation into the pop songs rather than around them. He started making most of the songs 5-8 minutes long. A brave move, since radio usually won’t touch anything over 4 minutes. This record is much spacier than the earlier ones. The best moment is the opening song “Get Innocuous” where Murphy samples Kraftwerk’s “The Robots”.

Get your copy of “Get Innocuous” here.

In 2010 LCD put out their last studio effort This is Happening with even longer tracks.  The best songs are “Home” and “Dance Yrself Clean”, combining vulnerable humanity with computerized progression. This video for the song “Home” illustrates LCD’s eduring theme of man vs. technology.

Click here to download “Home”.

Keep up to date at LCD Soundsystem’s official webpage for James Murphy’s DJ sets, news and to get the band’s final release The London Sessions.

Michele Myers is a music writer and historian. She hosts and chooses the music Saturdays 3-6pm on KEXP 90.3FM in Seattle – kexp.org. A producer, voice artist and DJ, Michele loves to combine music, words and sound bites. She’s produced over 200 radio stories on musical subjects for KEXP Documentaries and written scripts and features for NPRExperience Music Project and the University of Washington

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