Seattle’s Own Soul Artist: Allen Stone


The first time I saw Seattle soul singer Allen Stone was on a video for “Last to Speak.”

The rock song is very smartly written and political. He creates an unusual amount of tension to keep our ears close to the speaker.

Even before he dedicated himself to soul music, Allen Stone was surprisingly magnetic and original.

In 2011, his self-titled second album dropped.

Allen Stone is a study in old-school soul, with songs about love, heartbreak and politics.

The best songs on the record include “What I’ve Seen” and “Satisfaction.”

My favorite’s “Celebrate Tonight.”

Allen Stone in person is unpretentious and possibly a bit shy.

His style ( I’m not sure if it’s “intentional hipster” or “unintentional retro”) with big glasses, hair and hat makes it hard to tell his age, but he’s only in his early 20s.

This excellent album from start to end feels more like Al Green, but the acoustic versions  of Allen’s work on video remind me of this Bill Withers classic performance of “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

In this session recorded live at KEXP radio in Seattle, you’ll hear the full band sound that you get on Allen Stone’s latest album.

Four songs in a row of pure Seattle soul!

Allen Stone plays the Paramount Theater in Seattle on Friday, December 7th.

Check out Allen’s official website for more tracks and a full tour schedule.

Tune in to DJ Michele Myers Friday nights at 9pm on KEXP 90.3FM Seattle, Music historian and producer, Michele’s made over 200 radio stories for KEXP Documentaries. She’s also written scripts, lesson plans and features for Experience Music Projectthe University of Washington and NPR.

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